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  • Q. When do I get paid?
  • A. After we inspect your package, payment is made that day. There are several payment options for you to choose from.
  • Q. How is my payment made?
  • A. We can pay you via check, by Paypal, Popmoney, or by Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer. You decide how you would like to be paid during the checkout process when you submit your quote to us.
  • Q. What is the difference between the payment options?
  • A. You can be paid by check, Paypal, Popmoney, or Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer. You decide how you would like to be paid during the checkout process when you submit your quote to us.

    - A check will take about 5 business days to receive (there is no cost to the customer).

    - Paypal payment is instantaneous IF YOU HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT (there is no cost to the customer).

    - Popmoney is the ideal payment choice if you don't want to wait for a check and you don't have a Paypal account, BUT YOU MUST HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT (there is no cost to the customer). It takes 1 day after we send your payment for you to receive the funds in your bank account. You don't have to have an existing Popmoney account. Popmoney will send instructions to your email or mobile number so money can be sent to your bank account next day. Read about Popmoney at

    - Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer is the ideal payment choice if you need your money immediately and you do not have a Paypal account or bank account (cost to customer is $5.00). YOU WILL NEED A VALID FORM OF ID to pick up the money. Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer is a service where your payment can be sent to any location in the U.S. Once the payment is sent, it takes 10 minutes to arrive at your Walmart location. You will need my name (Kathleen Cruse) and the Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer REFERENCE NUMBER, which I will text you immediately after I send the Money Transfer.
  • Q. Who pays for shipping?
  • A. We do! We will cover all of your shipping costs. Ship to us in a sturdy box to protect the strips, and allow the shipping cost to be shown on the shipping label. We reimburse you for your shipping charges when we pay you for your test strips. Or, we will email you a mailing label for you to print out on your home printer, so you can mail us your strips at no upfront cost to you. (Be ready to ship, because you only have 36 hours from the time you receive the label to ship the test strips. After that, the label is voided so that we are not charged for test strips that are not shipped.)
  • Q. How many test strips can I sell?
  • A. There is no limit to the amount of test strips you can sell.
  • Q. What kind of test strips do you accept?
  • A. We accept most types of retail and mail order test strips including: OneTouch Ultra Blue, Breeze2, Accu-Chek Aviva Plus and Smartview, Bayer Contour, Bayer Contour Next, Freestyle, Freestyle Lite, and Freestyle Insulinx. We also consider many other brands.
    We do not accept boxes with broken seals. If we receive boxes with broken seals, we will dispose of them.
    If your boxes have labels, please mark out any personal information gently with a magic marker that will not bleed through and marr the box. Please do not remove labels as that can damage the box and reduce the value.
  • Do you ever buy expired test strips?
  • No, we do not. The diabetic test strips we purchase from you must have an expiration date that is at least six (6) months ahead of the date we receive them. The boxes must also be factory sealed and in good condition.
  • How can I trust that you will send me the money?
  • We are in business to stay in business, and we work honestly and professionally. We use the United States Post Office, a divison of the federal government, to transact business. When you ship your items using USPS it is actually mail fraud if we do not send a payment to you! We would like you to be satisfied with your experience selling your strips so that you will use us again and refer others.
  • Where should your boxes be shipped?
  • Sell Us Diabetic Test Strips has 2 locations: California and New Jersey. Ship to whichever location is closest to you.

    Sell Us Diabetic Test Strips (C/O Kathleen Cruse)
    2840 Fletcher Parkway #420
    El Cajon, CA 92020

    Sell Us Diabetic Test Strips (C/O Christa Kral)
    92 West 52nd St.
    Bayonne, NJ 07002