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It's "2 Moms Buy Your Test Strips"! Do you have extra diabetic test strips laying around? Sell them for cash! We get your unused strips to diabetics who can use them.

Get A Quote by scrolling down and selecting the boxes you have, their expiration date & condition. If you like what we pay, Finalize Your Quote by checking out as a Guest or by Registering an Account. Have a prepaid shipping label emailed to you (printer required) or just ship your boxes to us yourself, with the postage you paid visible on the label. We reimburse you for your shipping costs.

After receiving your package, we review it to make sure the quote matches the items received. We then pay you via check (takes 5 days) or by Paypal (same day payment), depending on what you selected. We send you an email to let you know the money is on its way.

Some things to remember:

  • We only buy sealed boxes.
  • Ship to us in a sturdy box to protect the strips.
  • Allow the shipping cost to show on the shipping label so we can reimburse you for your shipping charges when we pay you for your test strips.
  • If you requested a prepaid mailing label to print out on your printer, be ready to ship, because you only have 36 hours from the time you receive the label to ship the test strips. After that, the label is voided so that we are not charged for test strips that are not shipped.